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        Taylor Esch

        Taylor Esch


        Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff? 

        I wanted to find a job that brought me closer to my goals and interests.  Atlas not only provided me with that opportunity, but it also has a family-like, upbeat environment and culture that you do not see at every business.


        My family includes my parents, my older sister, my younger brother, and the rest of my extended family whom I am also close with.


        My family has two dogs: a German Shepard and a Cocker Spaniel 


        My life is a repetitive cycle of working out, working, studying, and hanging out with friends.

        Top five things on your Bucket List:

        1. Traveling to every state/country (these aren't in any order)
        2. Working for a top law firm
        3. Owning/running my a business
        4. Lifting on a beach
        5. Meet Ben Shapiro in person

        Favorite Quote: 

        Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

        Taylor's Videos